Welcome to The Lucky Cat Shop

Welcome to The Lucky Cat Shop

Welcome to The Lucky Cat Shop

The Lucky Cat Shop "popped up" within The Cat Gallery in York in early August 2023. It brings together a collection of cats, believed to bring good luck to their keepers.

York's Original Lucky Cat

The Original York Lucky cat
Our home city of York is very much a City of Cats. With a cat shop, a cat café and a multitude of cat sculptures on City Centre buildings, we wanted to create a range of easily portable, fun and collectable cat-themed souvenir ornaments to appeal to all ages. The result is York's Original Lucky Cat. Following the proven science behind the powers of self-belief and positive thinking, the Original Lucky Cat CAN help owners to achieve success beyond what they thought was possible. As a side benefit, these cats are super-cute and highly collectable!

Shop The Original Lucky Cat

Maneki Neko

Traditional battery operated Maneki Neko

The Japanese Maneki Neko is recognised worldwide as a character who beckons good fortune to homes and businesses. We offer a selection of Maneki Neko, battery powered, solar, traditional style and contemporary.

Shop Maneki Neko

Gemstone Cats

Joining the Maneki Neko and York's Original Lucky Cat are some beautiful gemstone kitties. Crystals and gemstones have long held a special spiritual meaning within human society and that sentiment is alive and well in the 21st Century. When we saw that skilled craftsmen make semi-precious stones into small, but beautiful, feline forms we realised we had a lucky trinity of fascinating felines - enough for a dedicated Lucky Cat Shop.

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The Lucky Cat Shop Worldwide

The Lucky Cat Shop is based within The Cat Gallery, a shop that has served the needs of cat lovers in the UK and worldwide since 2001. We are a mail order business, well used to promptly dispatching valuable parcels around the world. Can we send you a Lucky Cat?

We hope you enjoy browsing our new website!

Peter & Alison

The Lucky Cat Shop 2023

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