Original Lucky Kittens at Cliffords Tower, York

The Lucky Cat Shop: A Quick Cat-ch Up and Thank You

The Lucky Cat Shop: A Quick Cat-ch Up and Thank You

It's been all go since we launched our new brand, The Lucky Cat Shop, in early August.

Here's what our shop window looked like on Day 1.

Our first floor viewing area opened shortly after. It's still work in progress, but we needed more space, to give everyone a comfortable experience and avoid one of our pet hates, queueing.

Gemstone Cats and Maneki Neko were already popular at The Cat Gallery. We held our breath as we unveiled our brand new in-house feline, The Original Lucky Cat.

We started with The Original Lucky Black Cat and a selection of kittens. The Lucky Black Cat comes complete with smart collar and choice of charm, which can be purr-sonalised with a local/national/international flag, a birthstone crystal, or an alphabet letter. All three options have proved popular so far!

Here's a selection of our kittens:

Pastel Rainbowz (some now sold out)


Mixed Up Moggies

Colour Changers (Purple to Pink and Orange to Yellow)


Over time we have added new cats to the range including:


Brindle Tortie

and our first ever limited edition, Fireside Familiar.

Fireside Familiar was inspired by Hallowe'en and Bonfire Night, both of which are highly relevant to York. As a time-limited edition, he was permanently retired on 6th November. Worth hanging on to if you managed to get one!

We look forward to welcoming our 2023 Christmas Cat and matching Bauble very shortly.

Thank You

The real purpose behind this post is to say a huge THANK YOU to each and every person who has interacted with The Lucky Cat Shop in our first 3 months. From people sharing photos of our window display, to one-off buyers and avid collectors. We also have a growing a collection of customer cats under the hashtag luckycatlookalike. Why not send us a photo of your cat with their #luckycatlookalike? Here's one of our favourites, Pippa's cat, Toby:


What a cutie! He really nailed the pose!

 If you're not doing so already, why not follow us on Instagram or Facebook, it's where we post all our latest news.

We have really enjoyed sharing the stories behind our Lucky Cats in store and look forward to meeting your gifting and collecting needs going forwards. We have lots of ideas!

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