Good Fortune Alert

Good Fortune Alert

Good Fortune Alert

We are in no doubt about the ability of our Original Lucky Cats to bring good fortune to their keeper. Every responsible business owner needs to check their stock regularly and we chose yesterday to check out the “luckiness” of our Lucky Kittens. 
We were in Oxford, visiting our eldest son at Uni. We picked our date carefully so we could watch York City playing Oxford City. 
A black and white kitten was selected for the trip, to match the colours of our son’s College, Magdalen. 

It was mild but breezy with a persistent drizzle in the air. The lucky cat was completely forgotten about as father and son had a good catch up both before and during the first half. York dominated the first half and went in 0-1 up, thanks to an added time goal. Very much deserved on the run of play. 
In the second half, York midfield sat back and Oxford pushed on, scoring in the 60th minute. We were despondent until I felt in my pocket and realised the lucky cat was with us! I pulled him out, gave him a stroke and wished as hard as I could for a York victory. 

The Moment the Lucky Cat Got His Stroke

From that moment on, York looked rejuvenated, giving off a strong sense that they wanted to win the game. The introduction of Will Davies probably helped too. 
With literally seconds of added time to go, it looked like York would have to settle for a draw. With lucky cat clutched firmly we watched as Davies fired a loose ball into the ground, over the keeper and into the net. Every York supporter we heard could not believe our good fortune.

Of course, we had a little more knowledge than them…

Our Magdalen Lucky Kitten - an inspirational performance!

Has your Lucky Cat or Kitten brought you good fortune?  We’d love to hear your story!

If you don’t have a lucky kitten, you can buy via this website or, better still, choose your own in our York shop.

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